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Title: Mighty G3
Created: 19.03.2010 02:34
For a while now Ive been avoiding Apple branded mice due to their quirky nature. Like the awkward and utterly useless h
The Ideal Mouse  Logitech G3 Laser & Apple Mighty Mouse Fusion!
The Ideal Mouse Lo...
Opened Casing.
Opened Casing....
Close up.
Close up.
Full Layout with the controller box.
Full Layout with the...
The Scroll Ball
The Scroll Ball...

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The Heatsink is from an old PII chip. The fins were spread to maximize the passive cooling.

It is placed on a Geforce4 Ti4800.
The Heatsink is from...
More pics from the full case. Notice the red LED are lighted with the HDD accessing.
More pics from the f...
I made this for girl friend who really really loved it. I had to fix it since she used it so much.

Its the cryo mod using Tare Panda. A cute little panda character.
I made this for girl...
This is my fully customized plexy case. It features a fully watercooled CPU, GPU, and 2 hard drives. Front Reservoir, 6 CCFL, central control unit, and vertical stealthened drives.

And oh so much more. Currently its under retrofitting but here it is in its prime.
This is my fully cus...