Nick: HaoKi  Info
Age: 35
Location: Tampere



Uploaded: 22.05.2007 21:20
Categories: Desktop shots and software related | Computer Generated Image

HaoKi - A couple of updated models in the same render

A couple of updated models in the same render

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24.05.2007 11:58 HaoKiThe lighting side of rendering is really the thing that i need to work with. These renders have mainly been done with some of the presets from Solidworks. :S
24.05.2007 11:38 drakminReally good modeling here, lightning is not as good, bit too dark. Everytime I look at these, I want to model something instantly :D
23.05.2007 08:42 GrolfHaoKi---Very good work!!! You will not prompt where to take a structure for a parent payment?
22.05.2007 22:24 HaoKihttp://www.students.tut.fi/~siik/Textured.Ultra-d.And.8800.Gtx.2.jpg
22.05.2007 22:04 HaoKiGonna update this pic in a sec. I noticed the Infinity's models materials weren't set...:S
22.05.2007 22:02 JipaSome of the nicest computer-related models I've ever seen :) Good job!
22.05.2007 21:38 HaoKiI modeled the GTX because my friend is going to need the model soon. :) The GTS might be on its way if I don't get better soon...:D
22.05.2007 21:35 HaoKiWell I've been sick for the last couple of days so I've been stuck at home...:D
22.05.2007 21:33 willekget a gts instead of gtx, so it will fit in the same length as the motherboard..
22.05.2007 21:32 willekuuh vissiin ollu tekemisen puute ku oot noin tarkan rendin tehny
22.05.2007 21:24 HaoKiSame picture but with a higher res so you can see some more detail. :)
22.05.2007 21:23 HaoKihttp://www.students.tut.fi/~siik/Textured.Ultra-d.And.8800.Gtx.1.jpg