Nick: HaoKi  Info
Age: 35
Location: Tampere



Uploaded: 16.07.2007 18:46
Categories: Single case mods

HaoKi - Something almost finished.

Something almost finished.

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01.08.2007 21:16 WeZaon se..
01.08.2007 19:05 tOukoooOnko eutanassia armokuolema?
21.07.2007 22:05 HaoKi;)
21.07.2007 22:05 HaoKihttp://www.students.tut.fi/~siik/Kotelo.jpg
18.07.2007 01:51 HaoKiIt was filed by hand. I've gotten some more work done on the project, but I can't show you any pictures yet... I'll get something for you to look at on the weekend...;)
17.07.2007 22:06 GSXWas that done with a mill or by hand? Seems like a mill until I seen the right angle cuts.. Either way great work.
16.07.2007 23:44 YoshiLobotomy ois kans aika iskevä :)
16.07.2007 22:06 HaoKiEutanasia on vanha klaani jossa pelailtiin kaveri porukalla. Muutamat vielä pelaa jotain sillon tällön...;)
16.07.2007 21:41 WeZaen ymmärrä miksi tuossa lukee eutanasia tai sitten olen tyhmä..
16.07.2007 19:26 HaoKiReally not sure what I'm going to do about the finish of the whole project. Still thinkin' about painting the whole case.
16.07.2007 19:08 edhelharnHmm... Armokuolema... Jotain todella erikoista
16.07.2007 18:54 vikiNice !
16.07.2007 18:50 drakminPerfect.
16.07.2007 18:50 naake1eutanasia