Nick: HaoKi  Info
Age: 33
Location: Tampere



Uploaded: 27.03.2008 15:06
Categories: Cooling

HaoKi - Massive...:)


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21.07.2008 13:11 Rav3nOh yeah i forgot that :D
21.07.2008 13:02 laurilrLol reset button is useless. There is power button...?
21.07.2008 12:49 Rav3nBad thing in this case is that i can't see reset button anywhere. If you have windows running on it you should have reset button :D This is the best mod i have ever seen, good thing that there are only few lights (and they are not blue) :)
29.03.2008 04:08 bluebrightThanks jipa. side note, i would buy this case if it was in production.
28.03.2008 09:30 HaoKiWatercooling really was the only way for me to go here. If I'd used an unmodded heatsink the width would've been around 200mm. Now I managed to cut it down to 150mm.
28.03.2008 03:08 JipaSee the article in metku.net: http://metku.net/index.html?path=mods/eutanasia/index_eng there are some images showing the very tight fit..
28.03.2008 03:03 bluebrighthey, how much trouble did you have fitting a heat sink behind that power supply? because I'd love a small case, but I don't know if a could fit it behind the PSU.
27.03.2008 17:21 HaoKiYup...:) Just changed the gpu-cooler to an ac accelero extreme...
27.03.2008 17:03 JipaYou had bloodiron in this? Nice hardware all the way :)
27.03.2008 17:02 HaoKiHmmm...it keeps my gtx nice and cool...;)
27.03.2008 15:12 bluebrightNice fan choice. I have four of those areo cool fans and they kick butt.
27.03.2008 15:06 HaoKiSry for the crappy pic...:S