Nick: Solarfall  Info
Age: 36
Location: Joensuu



Uploaded: 07.10.2007 17:48
Categories: Cooling

Solarfall - dry ice fun with  cd2 e6850 ;)

dry ice fun with cd2 e6850 ;)

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18.03.2008 22:47 JipaDoesn't look like it.
18.03.2008 22:20 naake1did you buy that psu from yoshi ?
09.10.2007 23:55 perhaps I should also take some other stuff with me then ;)
09.10.2007 23:10 Solarfallsadly i cant do any dice runs not before i get a nother psu from rma... witch seems to be taking ages..oh and life seems to be getting in the way of a good hobby :D but i appreciate the gesture mate
09.10.2007 22:59 Perhaps I should visit my cousin in Joensuu and pic some co2 up from Kuopio before leaving and throw it to Solarfall.. ;)
09.10.2007 22:57 Solarfall@Makekaze.. i run my memory naked.. :D those ones you see there are rhino pc8000 cl5 2gb
09.10.2007 22:55 Solarfall@Jipa its a 12v Nonoise fan can push something like 110-130cfm ( i cant remember witch) @Kazoo sadly since i live in joensuu i have to order the dry ice it comes from kuopio i think.. but they know me at local etola as the nut that cool his pc with dice :D
09.10.2007 22:40 kazooThis happened several years ago so I didn't even know, what overclocking was, but it was fun to play with that stuff :) You can get some cool smoke effects with it ;)
09.10.2007 22:38 kazooSolarfall: I think you can get dry ice for free.. I got one pretty big cardboard box full of it, because I told those guys up there, what I'm going to use it ;) I was also lucky, because there had been an accident a couple of days ago(some truck dropped a big packet full of dry ice) so there were those pieces of dry ice that we got for free!
09.10.2007 22:34 Jipa: naah, it just would deattach the memory heat spreaders ;)
09.10.2007 22:23 JipaIs that Delta-fan on the memories? Or some other thick one.. I guess 30+W Delta would blow the memory slots through the mobo :)
09.10.2007 21:30 aMigaCool!
09.10.2007 21:18 well yea they ain't cheap but other computer stuff ain't cheap also :)
09.10.2007 21:16 Solarfalldry ice only costs 35€ and from what i have been told by other finnish overclockers ln2 is freaking expensive something like 9€ per liter thats nuts.. a desent cascade would be very close to 1000€ or over depends who builds it :D
09.10.2007 21:12 Solarfallman i would but its too expensive for the time being.. will do both some day thats for sure :D
09.10.2007 21:04 you just need ln2 or a nice cascade ;p
09.10.2007 21:00 Solarfall@Makekaze oh beleave be i tried averything.. that jumping over fsb holes thing too.. didnt work :(
09.10.2007 20:47 did you try booting up with something like 520mhz fsb etc? there is sometimes "holes" where the mobo just won't boot uor be stable
08.10.2007 17:31 Solarfallthe board had some broblems during the run, i could not get it past 509fsb believe me i tried every thing ..there fore i was not able to reach very high: check out the whole story here :http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showthread.php?t=155509
07.10.2007 20:58 s0lidMakekaza that's sadly true :/
07.10.2007 18:47 YoshiSoooo, true lol :D
07.10.2007 18:45 Jipa forgot one word.. "S0lid shows of his screenshots and broken hardware" ;)
07.10.2007 18:43 JipaNow we're talking! S0lid only shows off his screenshots and hardware, but It's good to see something really cool every once in a while :)
07.10.2007 18:34 NiBaIhme jäähy.. :P
07.10.2007 18:32 you can buy dry-ice from aga etc.. though it's wery close to using a good compressor so I would consider ln2 as bewtter for HC OC ;)
07.10.2007 18:25 hevinalleoho johan pitäs jäähtyä mistä sä tota jäätä sait?
07.10.2007 18:14 p5k dlx is a quite lazy mobo for oc without voltagemods
07.10.2007 17:54 YoshiHow did it go ?