Nick: Wiltsu  Info
Age: 31
Location: Hausjärvi



Uploaded: 26.12.2007 23:28
Categories: Full case

Wiltsu - Little late take this pic, but here it is.

Little late take this pic, but here it is.

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10.02.2010 21:52 WiltsuSOLD!
09.02.2010 00:13 WiltsuSelling this pc http://tinyurl.com/ykz3zlo
01.01.2009 00:27 YoshiIt is already packaged and ready to ship after you send me your address and send the funds.
25.12.2008 16:47 YoshiUnfortunately it is still missing box for sending, also christmas messes up postage :( A friend of mine promised to find me a box for the case but still hasn't found it :(
24.01.2008 22:31 laurilrlol :D But yea, how much would you pay for that Gigabyte GA-965P-DS4? Max. FSB i have got is 520MHz. How about 80€?
24.01.2008 22:26 WiltsuIts not my pc :D So no
24.01.2008 21:53 laurilrWell, make an offer. It costed over 170 euros a while ago in Jimm's PC Store. Now they dont have these mobos anymore :s PS. Aren't you scared about athat Macron PSU? :D
29.12.2007 20:01 Wiltsurofl i didnt mean your pc
29.12.2007 19:10 naake1that is a 3 month old picture it has been made alot better and i have now watercooling
29.12.2007 04:48 JipaNo need to change it. It just looks pretty vintage :)
29.12.2007 02:36 YoshiGratz
29.12.2007 01:50 WiltsuBtw its my birthday o/
29.12.2007 01:50 WiltsuThat is original. Should i change it?
28.12.2007 23:55 JipaHave you added the southbridge heatsink there or is it an original one? Reminds me of some OLD mobos :)
28.12.2007 23:37 naake1pretty messy there