Nick: sepo  Info
Age: 29
Location: Pori



Uploaded: 14.01.2008 20:18
Categories: Full case

sepo - uusi kuva uv-valoillanew pic with uv-lights

uusi kuva uv-valoilla
new pic with uv-lights

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05.02.2008 15:00 BroidiXIMO 2 different colours would be enough, yellow and red example. But the case is great :)
05.02.2008 13:46 sepotheres only 2x uv -.- abd "some" uv painting :PP
04.02.2008 21:08 BroidiXlooks more like cristhmas three...
15.01.2008 04:08 bluebrightnano, what are talking about? It's so damn cool! Don't tidy them up, seriously, i looks awsome the way it is. An as for you nano, go to your room.
14.01.2008 21:40 nanoI don't know if making all those wires uv reactive was such a good idea... maybe tidy them up a little bit?