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Age: 44
Location: Jyvaskyla

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Uploaded: 29.11.2010 09:09
Categories: Full case

Lcdlo - Size comparison with shuttle.

Size comparison with shuttle.

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30.11.2010 07:56 LcdloYep. Its mini-itx, will use zotac mb and e4300, 120gb 2 1/2" hdd and lg blu-ray drive. Its going to be used as an htpc. Dimensions 250mm x 180mm.
29.11.2010 21:37 Blazaxoh...thats so small o.O I tough it was something close to a normal drumm sets floor bass...
29.11.2010 19:53 dyyzpaint it metallic blue and its gonna be awsumm
29.11.2010 15:27 EeroWhat are the size dimensions? (of both :p)
29.11.2010 13:11 JipaLooks great :)
29.11.2010 12:46 LcdloThanks Ozzkuu, i hope so. You might notice that i dumped the white mb-tray and polished it instead of painting.
29.11.2010 11:08 OzzkuuThat's going to be one awesome looking PC :)