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Age: 44
Location: Jyvaskyla

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Uploaded: 10.12.2010 20:49
Categories: Full case

Lcdlo - Nearly finished...

Nearly finished...

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11.12.2010 14:18 LcdloThanks NoixX, case is fully closed (except some holes for the air), theres a transparent polycarbonate sheets in front and back.
11.12.2010 14:16 LcdloDate is wrong, havent bothered to fix it earlier. I'm working in our basement/storage so theres loads of hoarded thingys around. :) http://img191.imageshack.us/img191/2888/rumpukone1012009800x600.jpg
11.12.2010 00:18 drakminCase looks nicely finished! compared to the crt real date might be somewhere 90's <3
10.12.2010 23:56 hjalmaris that the real date on the pic :D
10.12.2010 23:21 NoixXVery original idea :) Is that fully closed case?