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Age: 44
Location: Jyvaskyla

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Uploaded: 01.12.2014 11:42
Categories: Handicrafts

Lcdlo - Idea behind the Spaceship...

Idea behind the Spaceship...

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03.12.2014 19:28 HochramLoL, don't worry, the average people miss the second h, at least you've only misplaced it :P
03.12.2014 16:22 Lcdlo* Hochram
02.12.2014 13:58 LcdloThanks Hohcram. I'm going to write a log soon. It has 59 different pieces of steel and 11 acrylic ones.
02.12.2014 00:00 HochramI don't even understand how you crafted it watching the slideshow :P Advanced skills :)
01.12.2014 19:17 LcdloYep. Toope and Molly are playing. :-) Noticed that afterwards and tought that its actually a funny little detail.
01.12.2014 18:04 JipaWhat's going on in the background? A cat climbing on the dog's face? :D