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Age: 29



Uploaded: 19.10.2008 16:34
Categories: Room and Desk Shots

adore - My desk

My desk

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20.10.2008 01:07 kuppazkimy pad is the armrest of my sofa :)
19.10.2008 21:20 jurbeI got the same mouse :) But my mousepad is 3x or 4x smaller than yours :F
19.10.2008 21:15 hangerU don't need a hobby because mousepad is that big. ^^
19.10.2008 21:06 willekthen you got problems with your sensitivity settings :)
19.10.2008 20:23 adoreno its maybe too small to me. my mouse have ran over the edge many times
19.10.2008 20:09 CaineEhh, that mousepad...isnt it a bit oversized?
19.10.2008 18:46 DJanneIt's Logitech Quick Cam
19.10.2008 18:41 verrucreative messenger web-cam spotted :: ))
19.10.2008 17:48 adoreLabtec Illuminated Ultra-Flat
19.10.2008 17:36 Kapperiwhat keyboard is that?
19.10.2008 16:47 DJanneI have same webcam.
19.10.2008 16:40 shitstormthat keyboard looks so small next to that mousepad :D