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Full name: Mika
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Age: 28
Location: Finland, JKL ROCK CITY

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My old dvd tower was starting to run out of space so i built this new one. it took me about 20hours to do that (without lacquer drying times)
My old dvd tower was...
only testing, lamps aren't attached.  I probably put few leds instead of cathodes
only testing, lamps ...
wooden toy boat. have doing this for many many years and i don't know when i manage to finish it xD
wooden toy boat. hav...
My desk
My desk
almost ready.  My old hdd broke so i had an idea of doing somekind "remembrance stand" (or whatever :) ) for it.
almost ready. My ol...
huono kuva mutta ei anneta sen häiritä
huono kuva mutta ei ...
vähän uutta kuvaa kopasta
vähän uutta kuvaa ko...
joku vanha kuva. muuttunut tosta jonku verra. Laitetaa uutta kuvaa kun kerkiää ottamaan.
joku vanha kuva. muu...
toiselta puolelt
toiselta puolelt...
kopan maalausta.
kopan maalausta....