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Title: HyperBlaster
Created: 29.06.2009 20:01
Playing music loud
The 2 x 35 watt amplifier with heatsink. There is also a connector for distortion led.
The 2 x 35 watt ampl...
There it is. Comments, please :)
There it is. Comment...
The inside of the device. Battery lasts approx. 10 hours on moderate volume.
The inside of the de...
Control panel from left to right:
- power switch (on/off)
- volume knob
- power led (green)
- distortion led (red)
- 3.5mm stereo input jack

Notice the cheap mp3-player :D
Control panel from l...
Some specs:
- weight: 6kg
- width: 46cm
- height: 18cm
- depth: 19cm

The sides are made of plexiglasses which are painted black backside. Most of the blaster is coated by black fabric. The case is 9mm plywood.
Some specs:...
My own HyperBlaster
- 5.25" cheap 2-way car speakers
- 2 x 35w stereo amplifier (http://www.kolumbus.fi/mikko.esala/TDA7370_2kEsiv.pdf)
- 7.2ah lead battery and automatic charger
- Some switches, buttons, connectors etc.
My own HyperBlaster...