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Inside picture
Inside picture...
Window view
Window view...
View at window side, old case 1 front and side panel in new case

What was made in case in this time: (case sceleton is Cooler Master  Gladiator 600)
-Transfer front plate from old case 1, (what is Cooler Master  Cavalier 3)
needed little work in mounting
-Transfer left window side panel from old case 1, (in orginal its from nzxt guardian whits is modded) it didint need eny work at all
-Moved case ovn left side banel to right side,  it didint need eny work at all
-I raised case from table whit four rubber door stopper, what are bolted to the original place
-Add all case fans finger Plates
-Removed orginal harddisk rack, harddisk  is installed between the two heatsink  and those ar bolted whit rubber silencer in case floor

and why all this hassle did like old case view but not inside structure, and it show that there is lot more room than old case, although they are same size.

it will change little bit when i get new cpu cooler

and of course i did install new setup
-Intel core I5 750
-Asus P7P55D
-Saphire radeon 5850
-G.SKILL 2 x 2GB
-Corsair HX650 (little to mutch but it work)
View at window side,...
Another side view, when side is  panel close
Another side view, w...
Another side view
Another side view...
Parts installed in new skeleton
Parts installed in n...
Update for my computer 
and litle makeover for the case

New skeleton where i will transfer old case 1 faceplate and window sidepanel
Update for my comput...
my case 1 
fan holes added front panel
my case 1
case 1 beter pigture inside
amd opteron 165 @2250 
2gb adata memory (4*512)
geforse 7800
and enough hard disk
case 1 beter pigture...
my "new" case mod
my "new" c...
my "new" case mod PII 300@450
my "new" c...
my case1
my case1
my case 1
front plate some day i will make 55 60 mm hole for beter air intake (now case is litle over edge) and mybe near graphigcard make one when i update this.
my case 1
my case1
mod my old case sidepanel (nzxt guordian) and but it in this case (coolermaster cavalier) and shange some minor parts pitween thous cases.
put front one 12 cm fan, it take air below front plate. and litle poor painting
opteron 165
my case1