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Age: 29
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Title: bicycle rear light
Created: 02.05.2008 23:17

takavalo toiminnassa yöllä.

rear light in action at night.
takavalo toiminnassa...
pyöräni takavalo alpinestars logolla, vilkuttelee eri värejä.

my bicycle rear light with alpinestars logo, flashes different colors.
pyöräni takavalo alp...

Title: mousepad
Created: 22.04.2008 22:35

not a daylight pic, but took it with flash

and that allsop is just temporarily there.
not a daylight pic, ...

glowpad with red lightswitch

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Found it in my closet, I made it years ago in school.

I still don't know what is it.
Found it in my close...
oooold moped :|
oooold moped :|...