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Title: Still kind of OK?
Created: 03.01.2012 11:31

Ye olde got some very cheap LED strips installed to be part of a new and upgraded TFT tinted side window project. I just need a 17" or smaller LCD screen to make one. Those things are hard to find nowdays, seriously.

- Core i7 2600k @ 4500MHz
- Asus Strix GTX970 3,5GB yay
- Asus P8Z68-V LX
- Kingston HyperX 1600 CL9 16GB
- Samsung 850 Pro 256GB
- Fractal Design Newton R2 800W 80 plus
- Noctua NH-D14
- Coolermaster Silencio 550
- 3 TB HDDs
- 2xHP 23xi and some Asus 27" gaming TN cheap ripoff in the middle, racing games are ok with 5760x1080 spanned resolution though
- Logitech G710+ keyboard and some Wacom tablet if someone gives a damn

That palm tree doesn't like warm air, dying already. The flamingo is called Pertsa, he's ok.
Ye olde got some ver...
Upgraded my graphics card, ASUS ROG MARS II No. 591/1000. Wanted a new card to my HTPC but got this and put the old one in there.

Other stuff:
- Core i7 2600k @ 4500MHz
- Asus P8Z68-V LX
- Kingston HyperX 1600 CL9 16GB
- OCZ Agility 3 120GB SATAIII
- Fractal Design Newton R2 800W 80 plus
- Noctua NH-D14
- Coolermaster Silencio 550
Upgraded my graphics...
Up and running @ 4500 MHz :)

- Core i7 2600k
- Asus P8Z68-V LX
- Asus GTX560 Ti DirectCU II TOP 900Mhz
- Kingston HyperX 1600 CL9 16GB
- OCZ Agility 3 120GB SATAIII
- Fractal Design Newton R2 800W 80 plus
- Noctua NH-D14
- Coolermaster Silencio 550
Up and running @ 450...

Title: Ye olde rig
Created: 31.08.2009 16:56

Working beta stage of the TFT tinted side window

BenQ panel (controller board wired straight from PSU so the panel's own PSU was not needed), 2x white 30cm CCFLs, 30x white 50mA smd leds and some plexiglass :P

A second of video tells more than 25 pictures and so on... :D
Working beta stage o...

Title: Fridge
Created: 21.08.2007 17:48
Overdose of Pimp my ride ;(
The latest fridge mod
Sand blasted Battery logo
The latest fridge mo...
Some MTV style graphics
Some MTV style graph...
I think I got way too bored...
I think I got way to...

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There was a problem with the smaller battery but it appeared to be just the low voltage protection cutoff, got it to charge overnight.

Attached with super handy neodymium magnets.

The current is 5 mA so the battery lasts roughly 10 days straight. The bigger one lasts over a month (and has battery level indicator lights, but it's HUGE)
There was a problem ...
Got a old Sony DSR-PDX10P with XLR kit, took the kit and soldered myself a nice active microphone to use with DSLR.

Found a pinout of the active shoe mount from the internet but it was wrong so I had to figure this one out myself.
Got a old Sony DSR-P...
Finally symmetrical desktop! Took me 7 years to achieve.

Asus 27" VX278H + 2x 23" HP 23xi

Other specs for the old workhorse:
- Core i7 2600k @ 4500MHz
- Asus GTX970 Strix "4GB"
- Asus P8Z68-V LX
- Kingston HyperX 1600 CL9 16GB
- Samsung 850 evo 256GB
- Fractal Design Newton R2 800W 80 plus
- Noctua NH-D14
- Coolermaster Silencio 550
- 4 TB HDDs

Yes, it can handle surround gaming with 5760x1080 resolution nicely :)
Finally symmetrical ...
HTPC drawer in my TV stand is now updated too because the GTX560 started heating things up. Dont't worry, i'm looking for a mesh to cover the fan and rough cuts.

- Intel Celeron G540 2.5GHz
- Asus P8H61-I LX Mini-ITX
- Asus GTX560 Ti DirectCU II TOP 900Mhz
- 8GB Kingston DDR3
- OCZ Vertex Plus 240GB SSD
- Toshiba 640GB 2,5" HDD
HTPC drawer in my TV...
Ringlight prototype

- 36 12000mcd 15-degree leds, runs with 3 1,5V batteries.
- CD spindle cover

The angle of the leds is way too narrow, next time more leds and broader angle.
Ringlight prototype...

At this point I would like to give a big loving kudos to NEXUS for having the wires colored right but in different order!

But in the end: crappy cheap fans (the most expensive 80mm PWM model in verkkokauppa in shelf), more quiet and cooler though. The wiring is of course hidden behind the card when installed.
Bought a 72 W 300 RGB led strip for 3 euros, it's quite annoying...
Bought a 72 W 300 RG...
The sofa arrived!

- Sharp 60" LED TV
- Media PC: AMD Phenom X3 720 BE @3400 MHz, Zotac GTX560 AMP, 8GB RAM
- Xbox360, Wii
- Logitech z5500 5.1 audio system
- SoneraTV IPTV
- 2x 100/10 Mbit broadband connections with load balancing
- DLNA via home network
The sofa arrived!...
Almost finished scrap blaster

- 8" sub, 6,5" midbass, 4x2" full range speakers
- 2 amplifiers, 12 Ah sealed motorcycle battery
- Amplified external subwoofer output!
- Weight: 19 kg, measurements: 41 x 55 x 24 cm
- Skateboard wheels and a handle for transportation
- Final cost: 37 € (battery)

Battery life 6-10 hours at full blast without external subwoofer.
Almost finished scra...
Scrap blaster testing.
Target price 0€, overall price: 32€ because of a new 12 Ah battery :(
Scrap blaster testin...
AllThePhones presents: Nokia E7.
AllThePhones present...
Enough screens for now :P Desktop area is 6720x1200 :)
Enough screens for n...
Some LEDs for xbox and games. They're remote controlled like all the other lights :)
Some LEDs for xbox a...
Oh yes, my computer case.

Made from 22 mm MDF, plexi and bolted together with M6 and M12 chromed hex bolts.

Not much to say about the insides, they're a bit out of date and the wire mess is horrible :D

Cooling with fans running 5 and 7 volts. Keeps very quiet and cool due to an "air tunnel" going in and out through most heat producing components.
Oh yes, my computer ...
Finished! (kind of)

- 2x12" Carpower double voice coil (400 W rms 4 ohms each coil) subwoofers with carbon cones, self made ported boxes tuned to 33 Hz (2 separate boxes for easier removal when trunk space is needed)
- 2x Infinity reference 1600a 600 W rms subwoofer amp
- 2 F capacitor

Also included: few cathodes, some urban camo fabric, plexi, glass, and an Opel
Finished! (kind of)...
Old electronics in a new car! (Yeah, the 206 Peugeot got totaled so this is what I came up with, 2.0 DTI Vectra) No additional lights yet ;)

System: JVC KD-DV6201 DVD/DivX player, Autostudio 7" TFT, Sony NV-U53 widescreen navigator. Original JBL subs, mids, highs and amplifier on them.
Old electronics in a...

A bunch of leds and cathodes everywhere
Also a flamebeater to extinguish sudden electrical fires which may occur :D
This thing is serious, skateboard with underlights :D
This thing is seriou...
How come it's not a surprise that this thing ALSO has blue lights :D
How come it's not a ...
Tuned up lawn mower!
Tuned up lawn mower!...
Sony 12" Xplod, ported box made by me, some plexi stuff, SPL Dynamics 6x9s, 380W RMS amp and 1F capacitor