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Uploaded: 21.08.2007 17:58
Categories: Other transportation methods | Jokes

lossdriver - Tuned up lawn mower!

Tuned up lawn mower!

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26.04.2009 17:29 Hochramlol, seen some time ago, too cool :D I thought I was crazy.....but I was wrong eheh
26.04.2009 17:23 lossdriverlike this? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D2FX9rviEhw
26.04.2009 17:06 BenaHOf course I do.
26.04.2009 15:37 HochramYou attach leds on animals or friends? :P
26.04.2009 15:23 BenaHNope, it's illegal to attach LED's, cathodes and stuff to objects, that cannot defend themselves from you. :D
26.04.2009 14:37 DJanneIllegal only for registered vehicles?
26.04.2009 14:36 BenaHIs that illegal or not? xD
11.08.2008 16:02 Hene987And Toyo tires.
11.08.2008 14:58 JiikaxNow you just need body kit, new paint, new rims and 12" subwoofer+cd-player ;P
11.08.2008 10:03 overtensionAwesome. Just needs to be painted. C:
04.04.2008 22:25 rippeYou like neons ;) so do I :D
13.02.2008 22:26 lossdriverthey're cathodes, and actually installed ON the blades ;D this is only a showride(r) :D
13.02.2008 18:28 JipaI hope they are installed in the same comparment with the blade ]:> Gotta kill 'em all when it comes to blue leds.
16.09.2007 22:03 hevinallekesällä valoja ei vaa tarvi ku ei niitä näe ellei leikkaa yöllä :D
22.08.2007 16:13 HochramYesss, blue neons rulezz :D
22.08.2007 16:09 MasseEverything must have blue neons? :D
22.08.2007 08:24 lossdriverhow about "Weird Al" Yankovic - White and nerdy? :D
21.08.2007 19:24 YoshiFinmillionaire - Mowin' Dirty ;)
21.08.2007 19:11 uznaqThey see me mowin, They hatin, Patrollin, And tryin to catch me ridin dirty
21.08.2007 18:52 aaaatuloooool. 8DD that's wiced.