Nick: lossdriver  Info
Age: 32
Location: Espoo



Uploaded: 07.02.2011 17:39
Categories: Mobile phones, PDAs and MP3 players

lossdriver - AllThePhones presents: Nokia E7.

AllThePhones presents: Nokia E7.

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08.02.2011 02:11 BuilderiAllThePhones
07.02.2011 21:00 JipaLooks really good. Shame about the damn Symbian.
07.02.2011 20:49 lossdriverNo, they started delivering pre-orders at Aleksanterinkatu flagship store and I went there and bought one "under the counter" without an order :D
07.02.2011 20:13 dyyz:o nice, did it fell off from a nokia truck? and what is that wallpaper, really nice lookin
07.02.2011 19:38 lossdriverwhat to say.. symbian works smoothly and build quality is excellent. cons would be that it's quite big (4" screen) and too thin.
07.02.2011 19:11 OzzkuuIs it good? I would probably gone for HTC Desire Z instead of that as Nokia doesn't seem to make nothing well these days.