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Age: 34
Location: Pori

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Uploaded: 03.03.2008 19:03
Categories: Full case

anttifast -

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21.03.2008 23:27 anttifastLooks like naake1 doesn't like this case =)
21.03.2008 23:09 ToymachineThis is no where near ugly.. naake1 needs just new eyes i think...
21.03.2008 22:58 naake1this looks ugly cuz it has alot of fingerprints and its not smooth
05.03.2008 10:10 anttifastI wouldn't brush it, I just got it smoothed! Like Lcdlo said, it's hard to get it look nice brushed aluminum.
05.03.2008 09:08 Lcdlo-Naake1- Sounds funny, "..brush it, so it look like brushed." :) But i would say brushing ain't good, it makes surfases too spotty. Sanding only one direction, with right angle or something, would be better. Like Haoki did.
05.03.2008 07:32 naake1get a steel brush on a porakone and make it look like brushed aluminium
04.03.2008 00:20 laurilrLooking good but more polishing ;)
04.03.2008 00:07 JipaI actually think it already looks better than the original one :o I hate all the logos and descriptions on my own Yamaha, I don't really need any of those.
03.03.2008 21:53 alfonsjeah! procaster rocks!
03.03.2008 21:07 JipaOh maybe ProCaster is better than I thought :)
03.03.2008 21:01 alfonsits actually pretty thick alu. or its looking thick:)
03.03.2008 20:51 anttifastIt's aluminum.
03.03.2008 20:49 JipaSo the front panel is actually made of aluminum? I thought it was plastic..
03.03.2008 20:39 anttifastYes, it's sanded. There was scratches, so I smoothed it. Needs little more polishing.
03.03.2008 20:38 uznaqOr you could stop guessing and check the other pictures. "New Project. Htpc in amplifer case." ;)
03.03.2008 20:35 kuppazkiit has usbs, so it is a comp or a gameconsole. my quess (category: full case)
03.03.2008 20:34 kuppazkisanded down?
03.03.2008 20:26 alfons...for that panel?
03.03.2008 20:24 alfonswhat have you done?