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Age: 35
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Uploaded: 05.05.2008 18:49
Categories: Mopeds, motorcycles and ATVs

anttifast - I renovated my grandads -64 "Pappa"-Tunturi moped.

I renovated my grandads -64 "Pappa"-Tunturi moped.

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01.06.2008 22:33 anttifastI don't know anyone who wants to sell his Tunturi. I would also like to buy one more. =)
01.06.2008 21:34 TeknoperunaVery nice! Do you know anyone who would sell Tunturi like this for renovating? Doesn't matter if not registrated...
07.05.2008 21:05 KoisaajaLooks really nice pappis ;) good work
07.05.2008 20:33 AletziOk, but it looks like original paint :D
07.05.2008 15:02 anttifastI repainted it . Color codes commensurate with original codes.
07.05.2008 08:14 AletziNice. Is that moped original colour ? Or is it repainted ?
05.05.2008 21:25 anttifastIt isn't registered. And you can be sure that I'm going to keep it in good shape.
05.05.2008 21:14 WeZaactually it is tunturi start, pappa-tunturi is just a nick name :) but good job mate!
05.05.2008 21:11 TuplaWHoly cow you have made an amazing job there :O Those old Tunturis cost insanely lot today. Just keep it in that great shape for the next 10 years and its value will become huge!
05.05.2008 21:01 JipaLooks great! Now just don't crash it :)
05.05.2008 20:33 NormimodiRegistered? These things are legendary. Gj with the repairs
05.05.2008 19:38 pertti85now I am jealous..:D thats cool..
05.05.2008 19:16 s0lidGreat work with it! 5/5
05.05.2008 18:55 nixarilooks like new :D