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Age: 36
Location: Pori

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Uploaded: 01.06.2008 22:23
Categories: Full case

anttifast - Lcd mounted to the frontpanel

Lcd mounted to the frontpanel

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10.03.2009 21:40 ThomasKetchupMan, it's really amazing! in Finland modding is... you guys are the best) Because of these ideas - i see that you not just make an idea, you produce it and finish. Big respect! I'm sitting now near monitor and think, from what is better to begin casemod - and i click allthemods to be sure that i can - and U make me sure - i will try hard)
02.06.2008 23:10 worderrorit would cool if u make fan controller out of that big knob thing ;) but overall is 10+
02.06.2008 17:50 ZseLotHVery cool. :D
02.06.2008 14:18 drakminGreat work overall!
02.06.2008 14:14 anttifastThat big knob is just hanging there and yes, the case dirty.
02.06.2008 12:44 ScaleoSorry this finish, but säätyykö tosta isosta nupista volume vai onko vaan koristeena?
02.06.2008 12:39 alfonsis it bit dirty?
02.06.2008 05:02 anttifastCase is ok, just missing little screws.
02.06.2008 00:07 laurilrFits well ^^ Is the case's lid screwed-up or something? :o (the lower right corner)
01.06.2008 23:46 s0lidperfect :)
01.06.2008 23:01 JipaEven better than before :)