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Age: 34
Location: Pori

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Uploaded: 22.07.2008 19:23
Categories: Full case

anttifast - Sidepanel not ready yet

Sidepanel not ready yet

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19.08.2008 20:32 anttifastpAbn: I used putty to fill those holes.
19.08.2008 15:36 pAbnHmmm.. Late comment but what did you use to fill those old fan holes?
28.07.2008 05:14 ZseLotH5+
28.07.2008 05:14 ZseLotHVery nice...
23.07.2008 17:12 anttifastyep,that's Laing's pump+reservoir
23.07.2008 14:18 laurilrThat looks very cool. Hmm... are you using Laing's pump with plexi top? ;P
22.07.2008 22:07 anttifastX = Xbox :D Just kidding, X was first idea what came to mind. I will fill those small holes.
22.07.2008 21:19 s0lidX = Xtreme :P
22.07.2008 20:50 DJanneCool! But those old smal holes...
22.07.2008 20:47 NiBaX? Why window shape is X? :D btw.. this looks good.
22.07.2008 20:41 vikiLooking good
22.07.2008 20:06 BoikaTäst tulee kyl pirun hieno ;D
22.07.2008 19:49 kezmahreijät viel täytee ja avot!