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Age: 36
Location: Pori

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Uploaded: 03.08.2008 23:05
Categories: Full case

anttifast -

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09.08.2008 21:55 YarikoNope, you save nature when you're not running your huge pump 24/7 ;) And it dosen't make any sound if it's off..
09.08.2008 19:12 laurilrWell in that case. But still it is useless to shut down the pump even computer is off.
09.08.2008 17:31 Yarikolaurilr: How com' it is useless then? If you use pump which gets power from the "Power-net" (Verkkovirta 230v). I may be wrong, but there is not anykind of sensor which could detect that PC is turned off so it could power down itself?
09.08.2008 15:47 laurilrWould be a little useless switch if it was for pump :D
04.08.2008 12:34 anttifastThanks everyone! That switch is for lights. Button above the usb is for dvd-driver.
04.08.2008 12:28 vikigreat work :)
04.08.2008 10:26 YarikoWhat is that button on side of frontpanel, near opticaldrive? Is it for lights, water pump? What is it!? Very cool case indeed so far!
04.08.2008 02:24 hubbeautiful. can't say anything else. nice man!
04.08.2008 01:00 Heikki63Why you are so damn good? :D
03.08.2008 23:55 pAbnYou are good. This case is awesome, your htpc is very nice.. Damn you are just so good :P
03.08.2008 23:45 aMigathose buttons look freaking good:)
03.08.2008 23:42 verruit looks great :)
03.08.2008 23:07 pertti85awesome!