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Age: 34
Location: Pori

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Uploaded: 08.09.2008 22:19
Categories: Single case mods

anttifast - Power supply mod

Power supply mod

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09.09.2008 15:16 rippeI spotted this too in the pic where it says ''Teaser...''
09.09.2008 14:30 alfonsunless you're using old atx mobos you dont need detachable 20pin cable :) but its (glueing) not necessary
09.09.2008 14:22 anttifastHmm... Why I shoul glue that? It's meant to be detachable. I bought heatshrink from local store, sleevingsock from Meronet.
09.09.2008 14:05 alfonsyou should glue that 4pin to into 20pin.. wherre you get those black "shrink-socks"?
09.09.2008 08:21 vikiJust like Jiikax said! Like it would be from different power supply :)
09.09.2008 07:10 JiikaxLooks VERY nice. Like it would be from differenet power supply :o
08.09.2008 22:27 YoshiNeat job :)