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Age: 35
Location: Pori

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Uploaded: 13.09.2008 20:13
Categories: Full case

anttifast - 90% complete

90% complete

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12.01.2009 16:56 spekkaNice and simple loop..
06.10.2008 18:27 alfonsinfact led warns user about power so you dont pop out the rams while power is on
30.09.2008 22:06 spekkaThats really good looking..
16.09.2008 15:03 JiikaxOkay. My mobo has green led so I didn't know ^^
16.09.2008 00:36 pete21the red led is to tell the user there is power to the motherboard..helps problem solving :)
15.09.2008 20:31 Hene987It's RAM Led. (Computer is running)
15.09.2008 20:19 OzzkuuStandby power led??
15.09.2008 18:51 JiikaxBtw, whats that red led?
15.09.2008 18:29 NiBathat sata cable for hdd must be long.. :)
15.09.2008 16:58 pete21you can use oil insted of water.then if leak NO DANAGE will accure :)
15.09.2008 15:15 pctonScary if it leaks but very clean working placement
15.09.2008 11:25 Hene987Yes. No wires when you put those wires coming from PSU, in sukka and paint that sata cable to black.
15.09.2008 09:38 JiikaxLooking very cool! And there are no wires O_o
14.09.2008 19:32 Wiltsulove it, want it
13.09.2008 21:57 vikiLove it
13.09.2008 20:54 YarikoVery nice water-loopping :) Simple and clean, wiring is also pretty well done as Jipa already said.
13.09.2008 20:33 JipaVery clean wiring, good job! Also pretty funky HDD placement :)