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Age: 34
Location: Pori

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Uploaded: 29.11.2008 23:30
Categories: Full case

anttifast -

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13.03.2010 11:54 FearFsweet baby jesus that is some tight package! is that a flex-atx psu?
30.11.2008 20:14 JipaThat's the spirit :) And besides, they both don't NEED to serve as HTPCs, having stackable PCs is always practical :)
30.11.2008 19:25 YarikoMaybe you should start selling them ;) Not everyone wants to get hands dirty or pay too much from HTPC case
30.11.2008 17:24 anttifastHeh, actually I don't know... =) I just wanted get my hands dirty and spend some time in garage.
30.11.2008 17:05 NiBaAnttifast, why you make another htpc?
30.11.2008 10:18 rippeNice!
30.11.2008 09:09 Hene987Jipa, "Actually it fits in the holes around am2-socket."
30.11.2008 01:11 KapperiThis is very cool !
30.11.2008 00:17 JipaHow exactly did you mount the S775-cooler to an AM2-mobo?
29.11.2008 23:50 anttifastI have planned to use only motherboards graphic card.
29.11.2008 23:36 YarikoVery nice, have you considered to make hole for Graphich Card if you buy one later on?