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Age: 34
Location: Pori

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Uploaded: 30.12.2008 20:35
Categories: Other Computer Components

anttifast - 3x Memorystick

3x Memorystick

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31.12.2008 10:49 Eeronice, too bad i already super-glued my memorystick in the car :o
31.12.2008 00:38 anttifastYep, last one is the newest
31.12.2008 00:36 pertti85yeah, is that last one new one?
31.12.2008 00:34 anttifastI added pic 'couse I want to show my memorystick mods =)
31.12.2008 00:32 vikiLol I just asked why he did add picture of toys. Im not saying that those arent cool.
30.12.2008 22:52 verruleds on the last one? :DD
30.12.2008 22:31 DJanneviki, stupid comments, why? Those are very cool ^^
30.12.2008 21:40 pertti85memories..:D
30.12.2008 21:29 vikiToys, why ?