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Age: 34
Location: Pori

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Uploaded: 23.04.2009 21:52
Categories: Full case

anttifast - Finally got a mesh for the frontpanel.

Finally got a mesh for the frontpanel.

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22.08.2009 20:34 rippecoolputer only has that normal one :(
22.08.2009 15:45 JipaRippe: AC Ryan Modder's Mesh or Meshxpanel. http://www.coolputer.fi/default.asp?sivuille=1
22.08.2009 14:37 rippeif somebody knows, please contact me =)
22.08.2009 14:37 rippedoes someone have any idea where i could buy mesh? something like this would be nice http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v281/jeffrey9/copper/chrome_rad6.jpg
24.04.2009 16:58 EuronenThat's good looking frontpanel but I'm not sure about that window
24.04.2009 16:30 HaoKiAh... too bad they don't sell the anodized black mesh anymore... I'm gonna have to reconsider painting it if I can't find it anywhere else... :S
24.04.2009 14:55 mofupoThat's amasing! How long did it take to polish the alu (?) ?
24.04.2009 13:47 rippeit's just so freaking awesome! its so nicely done. Good job anttifast!
24.04.2009 13:45 Eero<333333333
24.04.2009 11:48 YarikoYup, it might look better if the mesh is black, front looks too chromy now. : \
24.04.2009 10:43 anttifastThanks everyone! I might paint the mesh to black.
24.04.2009 09:28 Voryonreally nice one =) wonder if it would look better if the mesh was black aswell, well good like this aswell :)
24.04.2009 03:30 bluebrightso pretty
23.04.2009 23:42 HaoKiNice... Where did you get that mesh from? I actually looking for some at the moment..
23.04.2009 22:19 pAbnThis is what we've been waiting for :>! Amazing work!
23.04.2009 22:06 jumatuselol finally. :D Nice work.
23.04.2009 22:03 s0lidThat's amasing work -b
23.04.2009 21:59 nixarilookin good ;)