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Title: boomboxes
Created: 05.05.2011 15:52

AMP6, 2x Visaton BG17 & Zippy 5 Ah 3S lithium-polymer battery. Not sure if I'm going to use pre-amp nor voltage meter display gauge -thing.
AMP6, 2x Visaton BG1...
Willek's new project reminded me of something I have done last summer.. and what is still unfinished. 

Awful looking wood-work as always, but it's going to be covered with biltema speaker fabric and aluminium/polycarbonate.
Willek's new project...
pre-amplifier for teh boombox.
pre-amplifier for te...
Okay - It's not pretty but I had to finish it in real hurry for the school ending party.

At this point it's catastrophical :D The sound it generates isn't loud enough outdoors and the looks are aweful.

Rebelmon: I promise I wasn't trying to steal your idea with the car ignition key switch :D It was the only switch I had and that's why the key is attached with that chain.

The hatch will be replaced with aluminium one or with fake grill and if the smoothing fails again I'll cover it with fake leather.

Positive side atm: it's damn light (3,5 kg) and works as a bench :D
Okay - It's not pret...
Well.. now it's white and the fastenings for carrying belt are attached.
Well.. now it's whit...
So here's progress of my version of boombox. Next thing to do is attach the roof part and more bondoing and sanding and maybe some day painting.

The system is mono so the other hole is just for recharging battery and replacing blown fuse. It is that big because quite often I'll have to get the lipo out for my rc-car. And ofc symmetry :)
So here's progress o...
AMP6-Basic assembled and working fine. This was the orginal plan, but I'm not sure if it's loud enough for outdoors (poor sensitivity speaker) :(

The battery will be 5 Ah 11,1 V lipo (the black-yellow-blue thing on the right), it's lightweight and should last like the whole summer or something like that :D

The alternative speaker would be 6,5" or 8" Visaton, they are very sensitive and cheap.. Though the sound isn't surely the hifiest one :D
AMP6-Basic assembled...
At this point I wish I'd ordered the assembled one or some of the sure electronics amplifiers :) But one more ghettoblaster coming soon!
At this point I wish...