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Age: 25
Location: Tampere

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Uploaded: 27.07.2008 18:03
Categories: Full case

Masse - Starting to look like a case :)

Starting to look like a case :)

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29.07.2008 23:55 ZseLotHYep but `íf´ you wanted to upgrade for a high end card that is double slot... you'll be in little trouble with its original cooler... but thats only if...
28.07.2008 11:12 MasseAnd yeah I don't have sound card, mobo's integrated is enough for me..
28.07.2008 11:12 MasseZseloth: 8800GT is single slot card (as you can see in other picture) and psu is blowing the hot air out from the top of the case.
28.07.2008 05:08 ZseLotHYou should have made two of those for double slot graphics card.... and maybe some vents for hot air to go out on the roof of that vase...
28.07.2008 00:35 pete21NICE :)
27.07.2008 23:35 Jipanot everyone wants to pay for a fancypants X-Fi Fatal1ty Extreme Gaming SuperDuper sound card or makes music and needs dozens of in/outputs :)
27.07.2008 23:23 DJanneNo one for audio card?
27.07.2008 22:16 MasseYes, just place for 8800GT.
27.07.2008 22:09 NiBaDJanne: i think it is for graphics card....
27.07.2008 22:00 DJanneOnly one card place in back panel?
27.07.2008 20:08 YarikoPretty nice :)
27.07.2008 18:23 aMigalooking pretty good :)
27.07.2008 18:12 HaoKiNice...:)
27.07.2008 18:05 JipaSlowly getting there ;) Keep up the good work, you still have plenty of time.