Nick: ZseLotH  Info
Age: 30
Location: Sein´┐Żjoki



Uploaded: 21.02.2008 23:11

ZseLotH - This is my computer at front-side.

This is my computer at front-side.

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16.05.2008 02:39 to be precice 45nm cpus are officially supported with following intel chipsets: G31, G33, G35, P35, Q33, Q35, X38, X48, P31 plus the upcoming P45 etc | some manufacturers have made bios-update to add 45nm cpu support for 975X/G (etc) chipset mobos, but check every model from the manufacturers site to be sure about it
15.05.2008 22:42 Toymachinep35-p45
15.05.2008 22:21 ZseLotHwhich ones of the intel chipsets support E8*00 class prosessors?
10.03.2008 17:23 GetariThanks, i tried to make it as straight as i could...
24.02.2008 16:53 ZseLotHIm going to take picture of that box in the future... I want to track its manufacturer and see if it has more cool cases nowadays.
24.02.2008 16:52 ZseLotHOh I found selling-box for this case and it reads following : Model: BZCA868SL bZerk Drive bayts 4* 5,25" exposed 2*3,5" exposed 5*3,5" Bidden... Dragon window kit C/NO : 17 Color Silver n.w: 7,16kg G.w 8,16kg QTEK
23.02.2008 13:30 ZseLotHI did some searching and manufacturer is bZerk but I havent found it's website...
23.02.2008 13:18 metalfusionhttp://www.d-e-f-i-n-i-t-e-l-y.com/
23.02.2008 03:51 CircusactIts definaely chieftec. I corp m8 used to have that case with a 80mm on the plexi and had the same front end.
23.02.2008 02:48 ZseLotHIn the front it reads bZerk I think it's the brand but I Havent found anything like this after I bought this.
22.02.2008 22:54 JipaYeah Chieftec was the one I couldn't remember.
22.02.2008 22:36 CircusactThats a chieftec I think.
22.02.2008 21:43 JipaThat front panel seems familiar.. I think Thermaltake, Antec and a third brand have used similar front panel and frame. That could be one of those three.
22.02.2008 20:54 naake1looks like antec ?
22.02.2008 18:53 NiBaCool window... :P
22.02.2008 16:20 ZseLotHBtw, if someone does know who has made this case and which model it is I would be very pleased, I dont even who has made it. :D