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Uploaded: 03.04.2007 12:04
Categories: Peripherals | Other Computer Components | Home entertainment

drakmin - Speakerproject finished. http://www.metku.net/index.html?path=mods/logiwood/index_eng

Speakerproject finished.


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10.03.2010 07:58 drakminI wanted to minimize the front wall. Large front wall causes problems in the sound.
10.03.2010 00:12 newTonilooks rly nice! but why so long speakers?
21.01.2008 01:53 CircusactWOW, just WOW. I have the same speakers and have been thinking of redoing the enclosures, I upgraded from x-530 5.1 to z-5500 and love them. But If I do mine anytime soon, I will try for a industrial look. If the drivers are what you say they are in the worklog I may just have to get some more and double up on the drivers ;).... maybe a triple for center as it will be located behind my TFT panels.
06.07.2007 13:18 drakminSaa niistä nyt olla mitä mieltä haluaa, rakentava kritiikki on aina hyödyksi.
06.07.2007 11:18 pertti85vahoin saliksen ettei tämmösiä pääsisi käymään enää..noi on oikeesti tosi upeet. :D
05.07.2007 23:27 drakminVähän arvelinkin :D
05.07.2007 23:25 pertti85mitä helvettiä..mä en oo tota jälkin mäistä kommenttia kirjottanu..sori drakmin jos toi häiritti sua mut mä en tommosia oon kirjotellu.
01.07.2007 15:07 willeksamaa vähän ihmettelin, liekkö ollu sama jäpikkä näppiksellä edes :)
01.07.2007 10:19 drakmin"pertti85:hieno, pertti85: ihan rumat osaisin tehä hienommat" :D
30.06.2007 16:11 Massepertille vois laittaa vähän banaania josko kielenkäyttö siistytyisi?
30.06.2007 14:23 pertti85leiju vähän viel lisää näillä ihan rumat osaisin tehä hienommat
11.06.2007 16:44 Jipawhat's the difference? taking the speakers from retail-boxes instead of the logitech-boxes? meh.
11.06.2007 16:43 BARTMANBecause you "only" redone the design you will get 4.5 ;] ,5 would be for complete new project of speakers
21.04.2007 18:36 pertti85hieno
19.04.2007 12:51 drakminfull worklog: http://www.metku.net/index.html?path=mods/logiwood/index_eng
19.04.2007 10:40 IrishtoneVery nice drakmin, What kind of wood is that ?and is it Solid or veneered?
06.04.2007 22:26 MATWBvery nice...
06.04.2007 16:53 EvengeNice! :)
04.04.2007 21:05 vikinam:)
04.04.2007 19:14 MthedNice looking, but i don't really like those stripes on the wood.
04.04.2007 11:07 drakminAnd all satellites should be identical for optimal sound. Concentional rotated centerspeakers are bad.
04.04.2007 11:07 drakminOriginal satellite boxes are also all the same. Centerspeaker is just rotated 90 degrees.
04.04.2007 09:38 JipaYes all the elements are the same.
04.04.2007 08:38 ErrtuVery nice. Was all the elements exactly same (except sub)? I'm just thinking 'cos your center speaker is similar to anyother surround speaker.
04.04.2007 08:20 JipaActually.. Now that I checked the price of that set I came to think that actually they aren't too bad option if one is looking for a 5.1 set :I But I still wouldn't take 'em to my room unmodified! Plastic speakers just aren't right.
03.04.2007 23:54 Want's em! Logitech could adapt that look to their retail speakers too.. Those speakers just look too nice :P
03.04.2007 21:15 potkischeap.. and speakers looks good :)
03.04.2007 20:22 jaeaeI thought that 99% of computer speakers were just plain bad, but these logitechs seem to be surprisingly well made, out of good parts.. Of course much better with those wooden boxes :)
03.04.2007 15:49 drakminHa, I mean, 70 euros. :D
03.04.2007 15:48 drakminTotal cost for materials was near 70€.
03.04.2007 14:59 potkisMahtavat ;) Paljonkos koko projekti tuli maksamaan??
03.04.2007 14:46 naake1Komeet!
03.04.2007 14:39 Yoshivoisin ostaa tommoset itellekkii jos jossain myytäs ;)
03.04.2007 14:38 Yoshikyllä on aivan uskomattoman komeat kotelot :)
03.04.2007 14:36 willekonko sulla nää muuten tampereella, että vois tulla joskus livenä pällisteleen?
03.04.2007 13:43 avrwow, "sik oossom" :)
03.04.2007 13:42 s0lidaivan helvetin hienot =D
03.04.2007 13:21 HochramWow, so stupid, didn't know that I can change the rating XD
03.04.2007 13:18 SFowow
03.04.2007 13:05 HochramBut it's an offence to this magnific work! Can i use the word " sublime"? lol, so abused at school in english literature...
03.04.2007 12:55 drakminNah it's okay :D
03.04.2007 12:48 HochramNooooo, i've clicked the wrong vote! please someone can delete it? ...sorry drakmin...