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Uploaded: 11.07.2007 23:28
Categories: Peripherals | Home entertainment | Electronics

drakmin - Wetsanding some details for the boombox.

Wetsanding some details for the boombox.

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15.05.2010 14:39 rebelmonThanks for the hint!
13.05.2010 20:49 ReguRebelmon go check pasimetalli ;)
13.05.2010 20:39 drakminif i have many sources for aluminum in jämsä there must be 10 times more sources for it at lahti!
13.05.2010 19:23 rebelmonOr well.. It isn't THAT much, but since the case already weights possibly over 4kgs, I really wouldn't like an extra kilo there.. Plus I have no idea where to buy 3mm aluminium from in Lahti. I guess I just have to make the sides from plywood, and cover it with the pleather too :l
13.05.2010 19:15 rebelmonDamn.... It is quite much, and I definitely don't have time to start routing some weight losser holes to the plywood... And I don't have a possibility for replacing the metal with acryl like you did... This isn't good :D
13.05.2010 18:59 drakminyup, all 3mm aluminum. i think metal parts were under 1 kg
13.05.2010 13:37 rebelmonAre the other metalparts of this blaster 3mm aluminium too? Do you remember how much the total weight of the metal parts was? At our school there is only some really heavy metals, and I'd like to buy some aluminium, but don't really know where should I start looking for it...
07.01.2009 18:55 alfonsnowadays you probably get better/cheaper with hifitalo's XP2
07.01.2009 18:34 alfonsI suppose you need to invest atleast 1000e for SVS/velodyne etc subwoofer.. Unfortunately RA has raised their prices a lot, So RA kit will cost nearly ~800e
12.07.2007 16:56 drakminKts. Ghettoblaster albumi.
12.07.2007 16:56 drakminJuu ghettoblasterin etuseinään 3mm alumiinista kuviosahalla leikattu osa. Tähän kiinnitetään rca-sisäänmenot sekä virtapainike.
12.07.2007 16:22 pctoneli "vesihiomassa joitain yksityiskohtia boomboxihin"
12.07.2007 14:58 Errtukastellahiekotusta vähän tarkemmat tiedot noususuhdannelaatikolle. =)
12.07.2007 13:07 ScaleoMikäs tää on. En ymmärrä kuva tekstiä.
12.07.2007 11:15 willekjahas blingiä