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Age: 37
Location: Tampere

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Uploaded: 15.11.2007 15:49
Categories: Room and Desk Shots | Furniture

drakmin - Door.


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17.04.2009 15:05 BenaHNice door. :D It does make the door unique.
09.07.2008 23:39 laurilrlol!
09.07.2008 21:52 BLOBO8L080 = BLOBO :o i am fame
16.11.2007 18:08 drakminyay pair of 8030's... and I'm 24
16.11.2007 12:17 ErrtuJust realized you are using genelec 8000-serie speakers.. you really like your sounds. And I can't believe that you have born somewhere in 80's. Allways thought you where older than me. No fence.
16.11.2007 10:56 drakminErrtu :D Yeah the handle got hidden behind the photoshopped X.. in reality there's a number there too
16.11.2007 10:24 GSXYou have a very nice and clean home. I wish my theater and pc room would look like that... Great job on the door also, it fits right in.
16.11.2007 08:18 ErrtuHow do you open that door, if you don't have handle in it? =D Photoshopper!
16.11.2007 00:16 LcdloReally nice, and unique.
15.11.2007 23:56 HochramStyle is Style :P
15.11.2007 22:51 Jipaonce again an idea I think some decoration shops could be interested in... Lets see how soon some store will start selling door-customizing kits containing pre-cut DC-fix.
15.11.2007 22:43 shitstormYou have always fukken awesome ideas.. this looks so cool. I want door like that too :D
15.11.2007 19:36 nanothat door... looks awesome :O
15.11.2007 18:24 kazooCool door :) I see that there's those sony old speakers underneath your spotlight system. I think you have very cool furnitures.
15.11.2007 16:01 drakminMade with KNIFE and DC-FIX tape.