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Age: 37
Location: Tampere

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Uploaded: 28.05.2008 14:49
Categories: Peripherals | Other Computer Components | Home entertainment

drakmin - Dimension roughly 40x23x12cm (small)

Dimension roughly 40x23x12cm (small)

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03.10.2009 00:33 Villedaprowhat kind of amplifier did u use, sry my bad english :D
12.01.2009 20:19 drakminHaa yes it is! :D
12.01.2009 16:52 JipaIs it still white after being used? :>
08.07.2008 17:01 BLOBOif you have taken pic inside this GB, can u upload it ? :)
23.06.2008 19:22 WGekkofkcin. edit.. anyways what kind of speakers r u using on this one? And what size of battery? Looking good, im planning on buildin somekind of ghettoblaster also so info is needed :D keep up the nice work :)
23.06.2008 18:50 WGekkomillaset kaiuttimet tässä mahtaa olla ja minkä kokosta akkua oot laittanut noihin siis monen AH:n akku? :) hyvältä näyttää, olisi tarkoitus lähteä itsekkin rakentelmaan mahdollisesti tuollasta.
29.05.2008 13:07 rippehehe this so nice ;)
28.05.2008 22:14 drakmin+lol at laurilr :DDD
28.05.2008 22:14 drakminwhoo yea, anni it is. hard to quess right :D but pink, in this case pink was a NoNo :]
28.05.2008 22:01 laurilrNo, drakmin just stole that from sumone who's name is Anni ;D Excellent present ^^ It would be nice to have a boyfriend like you (don't take it so seriously :D)
28.05.2008 21:49 rippepink plexi on it would be nice, and is your girlfriends name ''Anni''?
28.05.2008 20:31 JipaIt's so cute. Though it should have some pink details.