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Uploaded: 22.02.2009 20:09
Categories: Other Computer Components | Home appliances | Home entertainment

drakmin - Laser cut parts are happily right size :D

Laser cut parts are happily right size :D

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08.03.2009 17:48 drakmin90e from Tampereen Liikeacryl
06.03.2009 23:32 LazerHow much you took that acryl, where did you buy and how much cost
06.03.2009 22:57 anacronstickers ftw! :D
23.02.2009 21:00 alfonsTOO carefully..
23.02.2009 18:14 willekI would engrave some symbols next to the knobs. very carefully :)
22.02.2009 22:25 drakminYea but i'd like to have some cool detail how to mark those.
22.02.2009 21:50 Hene987You can easily remember what happens on each button. There is just five of them.
22.02.2009 21:42 drakminAh the acryl is full black, not clear. You can't see through it... good idea otherwise
22.02.2009 21:07 laurilrDon't paint there area where is the text so you can watch thru the plexi that what does each button stand for?
22.02.2009 20:28 drakminMaybe i'll mark them somehow, ideas are welcome if you have any! And thanks for the compliment :D
22.02.2009 20:26 alfonshow you gonna know what every button does?
22.02.2009 20:18 worderrorüber nice. u've done it again.