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Age: 38
Location: Tampere

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Uploaded: 09.03.2009 22:36
Categories: Peripherals | Home entertainment | Audio

drakmin - sub is finished

sub is finished

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11.03.2009 07:58 LazerReally good looking :)
11.03.2009 07:22 JipaFugly. Ok just kidding. How many fingerprints so far? :D Gotta admit it turned out sweet... Despite the acryl.
10.03.2009 22:40 NiBaThis is even better than your "logiwood" and it was fabulous! I dont know word how to describe this mod. :D
10.03.2009 16:01 rippetheres only one word in my mind, WOW! drakmin you have succeed in this project. Congrats
10.03.2009 12:27 alfonsokay acryl adds exrta costs..
10.03.2009 12:22 alfonsits not even expensive. Hypex 2.0 has quality but it's expensive amp. And driver cost 200e.. but how about performance?
10.03.2009 08:01 Japalahttp://metku.net/index.html?path=mods/subwoofer/index_eng
09.03.2009 23:51 drakmin+thanks!
09.03.2009 23:51 drakminhehe not more expensive than the speakers so it's in balance :D
09.03.2009 23:25 HaoKiCost in all relative... :)
09.03.2009 22:59 YarikoAnd does it look cool? Hell YEAH it does!
09.03.2009 22:45 jumatusePretty expensive but maybe its woth it.