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Age: 37
Location: Tampere

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Uploaded: 02.09.2009 21:27
Categories: Room and Desk Shots | Buildings, structures etc. | Furniture

drakmin - Missing a television.

Missing a television.

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21.09.2009 23:41 IlendarenWhere does one come across such beatiful sofas?
17.09.2009 09:30 redstarI WANT THAT COUCH!!!!!!!!!
03.09.2009 22:41 JohnEdward*drool*
03.09.2009 22:01 drakminYes it's a sofa bed :D
03.09.2009 20:37 EeroMirror spotted :D I want to move to your sofa :<
03.09.2009 20:14 verruit will be bed when you turn back down?
03.09.2009 19:57 jurbeWhere did you buy it?
03.09.2009 19:38 KapperiTransformers sofa
03.09.2009 17:50 DJanneCool sofa :D
02.09.2009 23:36 willekadd a picture with the blinds closed plz. :)
02.09.2009 23:34 LazerDo you know where I checked the word ;)
02.09.2009 22:52 BenaHVenetian blinds <--- That's what online dictionary calls them. This really is a work of art, if I had to say a suitable career for you, I'd say that it would be a designer. You do amazing work.
02.09.2009 22:27 LazerAre those window blind (sälekaihtimet siis) and can you turn them :o
02.09.2009 21:37 drakminno it does not cost a lot :D happily!
02.09.2009 21:36 rippeumm. WOU or WAU? this thing costs a lot ! and you really should be a designer! love it! 5 pojoints ;)