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Uploaded: 09.02.2010 18:47
Categories: Other Computer Components | Home appliances

drakmin - 2x100w tk2050 amp up and running.

2x100w tk2050 amp up and running.

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03.03.2010 18:51 newToni:D
03.03.2010 09:00 drakminHehe, but I have to reduce the cost of all the present's I have made and bought for her :D I think this Droid cost me 5000e then :DDD
02.03.2010 23:11 newTonieven my tv didn't cost that much, i wish ia would have a girlfriend/parents who would give me that kind a presents :D
28.02.2010 18:16 drakminI think it is around 600e but I got it as a christmas present from my girlfriend :D
28.02.2010 16:26 newTonihow much did it cost?
28.02.2010 16:08 drakminThanks! :D I'm really digging it.
28.02.2010 15:58 newToninice phone you got :D
11.02.2010 18:50 drakminYes Motorola Droid, though it's called Milestone here in Europe. I'm pretty convinced it's the most capable smart phone at the moment (since I got it ofcourse :D)
11.02.2010 17:29 ZestiProbably Motorola Droid..
11.02.2010 17:24 vikiWhat phone is that?
10.02.2010 21:42 drakminIt's performed really well so far. The smaller amd is 2x15w ta2020.
09.02.2010 20:13 s0lidLooks evil little amp :)