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Uploaded: 01.03.2010 16:37
Categories: Peripherals | Other Computer Components

drakmin - Drivers in a cardboard model.

Drivers in a cardboard model.

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26.01.2013 21:35 drakminall below 100hz is waste of electricity outdoors on batter powered devices, that's my experience
26.01.2013 18:45 alfonsIm boggling myself with either 1x bg17@83hz or 1x bg20 sealed. 25l enclosure. WinIsd gives both almost same performance. bg20 is heavier and expensive. And that do these really need extra tweeter.
02.05.2012 22:26 drakminbg20 is the way to go, even one bg20 is good.
27.04.2012 22:27 willekThose Eminence drivers arent suitable for a blaster without separate treble drivers. The case size requiremet is actually good, for a blaster you want a sealed box.
27.04.2012 22:21 willekI recommend visaton bg20. bg17 sounds a bit too thin, besides the difference in price is not that big
27.04.2012 21:32 JjonI've been thinking that I should make ghettoblaster also.. Do you think that Visaton BG17P would be good enough for it? I have eminece Beta 10A speakers, but they need way too big case..
05.06.2011 19:35 drakminJust like Willek already said, they all sound almost the same. Main differences in highest possible spl, price, weight, and case volume requirements (in ghettoblaster use)
05.06.2011 19:30 willekBG13P drivers sounded suprisingly good. Bigger visaton cones just give more volume. If you are planning outside use, you dont need to go below 100Hz anyway.
05.06.2011 13:09 rippewould 2x BG17 be good for a blaster? BG13P is only 150-20 000Hz, so it doesnt go low enough?
01.03.2010 18:32 willekuh it is gonna be huge.
01.03.2010 16:57 drakminCheck the 3d model, it should be in the middle ofc :D
01.03.2010 16:56 rebelmonWhy place the horn that high?