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Uploaded: 19.03.2010 20:45
Categories: Mobile phones, PDAs and MP3 players

drakmin - I think wooden parts are now finished.

I think wooden parts are now finished.

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23.03.2010 22:36 Miccisnot a bad price at all :) i would get at least the plywood from school so this could be a future project :)
23.03.2010 22:33 drakminhttp://www.europe-audio.com/Product.asp?Product_ID=772 80-20000hz 93db/w could use some filterin to tame the middle frequencies boost
23.03.2010 22:33 drakminvisaton bg-17 that is. under 20 euros 6,5" fullrange
23.03.2010 22:28 Miccisif you would find very cheap but good elements, then the price would be much lower :)
23.03.2010 22:27 drakminHehee, that's why I named this Megablaster and not ghetto :D I think if weight is not the first issue I could do some ghettoblasters for 100 euros. And they wouldn't be 5x worse.
23.03.2010 22:15 Miccisyep, this is one of the most expensive ghettoblasters ive seen :)
23.03.2010 21:25 drakminYou can build ghettoblaster for way less money too.
23.03.2010 20:20 Miccisok,thanks for the answer :) i should make some kind of this in the school, so thats why i want to know prices :)
22.03.2010 22:44 drakminYes about that. Nanoblaster was cheaper since I happened to have most of the parts in the shelf :D But anyway those are parts and tool cost, no work included. It takes something around 100 hours to design and build one so if work has any price these are pretty expensive ;D
22.03.2010 22:22 Miccis"these", meaning all ghettoblasters you have built :) from 250-500/each then? :)
22.03.2010 21:46 drakminBut most of the money came from selling the previous version.
22.03.2010 21:46 drakminI think for me this project costs a bit below 500 euros.
22.03.2010 21:45 drakmin"these" ? :D
22.03.2010 20:16 Miccisabout how much do these cost to do? :) 150-200?
22.03.2010 20:04 drakmin:D
22.03.2010 19:45 Miccisthank you for the new picture :) you're my hero ;)
21.03.2010 10:34 drakminhehe v2 is at my gf's parents home, i'll try to borrow it for a group shot ;D
21.03.2010 09:29 Miccisok, then it's a bit harder to take a photo with it :) how about ghetoblaster v2 then? :)
20.03.2010 12:36 drakminoriginal model is sold to uk ;D
20.03.2010 10:14 Miccisthat really is pretty big :) next maybe a picture together with its "little brother", the original ghettoblaster?
20.03.2010 01:00 newTonilooks waytoo good
19.03.2010 23:26 drakminLeft upper hole is for battery. Both holes will have fake grilles.
19.03.2010 23:10 Blazaxwhy the little hole on the right corner is still uncut ?
19.03.2010 23:06 nanocan't wait to see this one complete :)