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drakmin - acryl plates seem to fit

acryl plates seem to fit

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11.05.2010 00:06 rebelmonI mostly meant something like a "one man boycott", not something you should be telling about in the nbc news... So no, I guess I did understand what you meant
11.05.2010 00:04 LaiskiainenBut yes, it's true when companies get bigger, it's much harder to handle reclamations case by case. But there are definitely big companies that has a great customer support, for a good example verkkokauppa.com. At least I've got dozens of good experiences as their customer!
10.05.2010 23:55 LaiskiainenHaha well you took me seriously wrong in the first place if you thought I meant some serious boycotting. You can see a smiley there too so that you shouldn't probably take it as the most serious suggestion. :) There are billions of forums where ppl tell their experiences from sellers/companies to each other and telling your own experiences isn't what I would call boycotting. :D
10.05.2010 22:59 rebelmonWell yeah, I understand it... But give me a name of one large company, that would refund a product after the warranty has exceeded.. Yes, even if it's not the customers fault. Been there, done that, it sure does annoy you for quite a while, but it's not a reason to start a boycot...
10.05.2010 22:50 LaiskiainenOf course the policy is what it is but they could have handled the situation with a bit more humanitarian way, not just directly by the book.
10.05.2010 22:45 LaiskiainenIt's not about the dead battery only rebelmon, it's about how they took responsibility as a big company.
10.05.2010 22:20 rebelmonHow bad it would ever feel, one dead battery is MAYBE not enough to tell off a company this big, where thousands of people have ordered fully working equipment.. Okay, that's pretty obvious to anyone, and I completely understand all the mental pain caused by this to drakmin...
10.05.2010 21:18 LaiskiainenWhen you're mad to hobbyking, just feel free to share your word about the company to other consumers so they will get bankrupt. :P
10.05.2010 09:15 drakminthey answered: no refund since the warranty was exceeded. i'd be okay with that if i destroyed the battery but now that it was dead already when sent to me it doesn't feel okay
10.05.2010 00:25 LaiskiainenI totally agree with you, espeacially when it was quite an expensive battery. I bet you aren't that excited to buy things from hobbyking anymore, huh? :D They should definitely improve their CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Haha it's fun to use some new terms learned by studying to get in to the school of economics! :D So you asked them if they could send a new one? What did they answer you then?
09.05.2010 23:55 drakminthough i think they could have taken some responsibility even it the warranty was exceeded.
09.05.2010 23:46 LaiskiainenEverything has to be learned by the heel (kantapään kautta) always as frustrating.. :D
09.05.2010 23:20 drakminit would be good if they included some text to batteries to measure then instantly... i though i was experienced builder and made a mistake like this
09.05.2010 23:19 MasseWell the most sucking part is wait 30 days after the arrival of battery, without using (and finding out it's empty) it :( And that's why they're not going to send another.
09.05.2010 23:19 drakminno new battery. it had 30 days warranty and i kept it unopened on shelf and tested it now that i would have used it. anyways it was dead on arrival since 18,5V (5s) lipo shouldnt drop its voltage to 7V in one month unused.
09.05.2010 20:43 Laiskiainenoh man that really sucks, first have to wait ~20 days for the battery and then it's dead.. :// are they going to send another one??
09.05.2010 16:59 drakminbad news: HOBBY KING SENT ME DEAD LIPO BATTERY. i need to find new battery before continuing, sorry for the delay
07.05.2010 11:27 nanolooks nice :)