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Age: 37
Location: Tampere

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Uploaded: 11.10.2010 19:55
Categories: Room and Desk Shots | Buildings, structures etc. | Furniture

drakmin - Sketch V3

Sketch V3

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12.10.2010 08:35 drakminI like how 8xxx series Genelec's look, they look like a tool. As they indeed are a tool the sound comes first and I haven't found a better set for the money. Happily there are different looking and sounding speakers to choose from :D (Hiding mechanism comes handy to hide speakers if Builderi comes to visit me ;D)
12.10.2010 01:25 BuilderiOfc they're not but Genelecs just look horrible
12.10.2010 00:37 YarikoYeah, speakers are only for look? :D
11.10.2010 23:52 BuilderiPlease get rid of those Genelecs or at least paint them or something. Genelecs look horrible
11.10.2010 21:02 drakmin3dsmax and Mental Ray. I hope I can hide subwoofer in one of those big cabinets. Genelec pair will be attached to the tft support. I don't have audio yet for the "movie corner" Maybe some easily hideable Orb Audio's.
11.10.2010 20:36 jurbewhat program are you using? And also, nice job!
11.10.2010 20:17 YarikoHow about audio setup? Other than that, very cool.