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Title: LED
Created: 01.03.2011 18:04
10W high power led
This is evolution version. 10W LED, digital voltage meter and USB+5VDC plug. 

Electronics are stuffed too small space.  This thing goes to category: "Do first and plan later and add little more stufff inside"

I dont recommend those 18650 cells. They'r fine but better ones are available. I measured ~1850mAh real capacity with 0,75A current.
This is evolution ve...
ALL improvements are welcome!
ALL improvements are...
Bathroom. Only light source is led. Lamp should burn at least 1h. Or even 3h
Bathroom. Only light...
Frame is 3mm thick steel. TIG welded. black paint + varnish.

Rubber band is only temporary fix
Frame is 3mm thick s...
4x Li-ion 3,7V 2,5Ah batteries 

max voltage: 16,8V / 1,5...2Ah

sku 5876

sku 19624

DX has finally commercial alternative in many shapes:
sku 103855
4x Li-ion 3,7V 2,5Ah...
Constant current Driver. 1A 

All thanks to "Jounika" @murobbs
Constant current Dri...