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Age: 29
Location: Kerava

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Uploaded: 05.01.2009 23:11
Categories: Home entertainment | Furniture

alfons - ready


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13.01.2009 16:52 alfonsAnd the amplifier starts clipping before driver.. :(
13.01.2009 16:49 alfonsyoshi, It sounds excellent. This is my first subwoofer and really dont know how to compare, but pressure is made enough for my little room, window starts vibrate at 15Hz, drywall starts waggle in the next room, Mom is taking bloodpressure drugs, and main speakers are crying for stopping the music! =]
06.01.2009 20:07 drakminLooks good, I'm interested in Rythmik audios kits too. How does this compare to commercial subs?
06.01.2009 01:31 YoshiHow does it sound ?