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Age: 29
Location: Kerava

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Uploaded: 07.01.2009 18:48
Categories: Home entertainment | Furniture

alfons - different angle

different angle

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08.01.2009 23:29 Jipait managed to look so massive in the earlier piccy..
08.01.2009 22:11 outsmartedLOL I thought it was bigger, too :D Looks pretty, much better that I thought.
08.01.2009 21:44 DJanneI didn't :D
08.01.2009 21:37 alfonswhy everyone thinks that it was way bigger?
08.01.2009 17:17 BLOBOomg i thougt it was much bigger :oooo i am confused :S::(:S:/:S:SHÖ;SR but it's nicely done. no more to say, go ahed. lael
08.01.2009 16:05 rippei thought so too that it's bigger :P looks cool ;)
07.01.2009 22:11 alfonsnoup. its cute and unnoticeable. 370mm diameter, and 565mm tall
07.01.2009 21:28 laurilrI thought it was waaaaaaaaaaayy bigger...
07.01.2009 20:48 JipaI thought it was taller :O Maybe I've just read through too many LLT-threads...