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Location: Kerava

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Uploaded: 21.03.2009 12:27
Categories: Room and Desk Shots | Furniture

alfons - flame cutted FinChick, 10mm steel

flame cutted FinChick, 10mm steel

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22.03.2009 13:46 HaoKiTrue... Steel and iron are two different things. Steels are the low carbon varieties of iron alloys...
22.03.2009 13:01 alfonsActually I wonder myself too why its black. first it was normal gray/rusty steelplate, after cut it became just black..
22.03.2009 12:58 alfonsbtw its called steel. Cutting diamonds is way something else than cutting stone with diamond bit :)
22.03.2009 10:37 TekaritYeah, you need stonecutter, similar like what they use to cut diamonds etc. That, that I though it was stone was just pure stupidines
22.03.2009 00:10 HaoKi;) Flame cutting (polttoleikkaus) doesn't work on stone as far as I know... As the whole process depends on the burning of the iron itself.
21.03.2009 22:01 TekaritYeah, maybe. Just looks bit like black stone. But I don't know can you cut stone with flame:D
21.03.2009 19:13 HaoKiHe says that it has been flame cut so it's probably basic iron...
21.03.2009 19:10 TekaritStone?