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Age: 29
Location: Kerava

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Uploaded: 26.03.2011 17:16
Categories: Full case

alfons - Ruukki laser. 2mm thick steel

Ruukki laser. 2mm thick steel

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19.04.2011 21:11 JapalaDon't think it is acid. Perhaps cutting lubricate or oil... but then again, I'm not expert on this are so... sorry, can't help you more.
19.04.2011 19:26 alfons@japala. Do you know what that brown stuff is? is it like acid or something? even when sanded off it leaves "grooves" on surface..
28.03.2011 10:17 metalfusion"Ruukki Laserâ„¢ workshop-friendly steels are easy to cut, weld and bend, offering high performance in automated production processes. Shorter set-up and cutting times and reduced finishing operations on finished components are definite benefits for workshops."
27.03.2011 19:00 alfonsknow what "laser" stands for?
27.03.2011 18:29 JapalaHehe, I see these all day long being made here in Raahe at the Ruukki Steel mill :)