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Uploaded: 28.02.2013 18:16
Categories: Mobile phones, PDAs and MP3 players

alfons - http://www.evertop.co.uk/p/1183310/samsung-galaxy-s-gt--i9000-extended-battery-3000mah-with-free-back-cover-eb575152vu-replaceme


Nothing really modded yet. But price was farely cheap and shipping super fast. Backcover is only a bit flimsy, matte and fingerprint-proof. Dunno about battery yet, but it says 3500mAh. Jihuu! extra 500mAh.. or not.

Battery lasted 92h with ~3h display on. Neat

e: 22.12.2013

This battery is full of crap, i dont recommend it. its pretty much useless right now.

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