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Title: ghettoblaster
Created: 09.05.2013 20:00
sure 2x50W
visaton bg 20
monacor MPT-001 2pcs
Front and back sides are fake carbonfibre. Frame is covered with durable and waterproof fabric.

Case weight is about 3.3kg. Overall 5.5kg

To do
- Handle
- roof for electornics
- Grill
Front and back sides...
Bigger grill will make nice illusion.
Measurements are about 590x320x170
Bigger grill will ma...
Effective volume of the case is about 22 litres.
Effective volume of ...
I think one strut is missing in this pic.
I think one strut is...

Title: case -13
Created: 24.04.2013 17:50
No concrete casted yet.
I finally have only one silent 120mm fan in PSU
and another 200mm spectre pro fan for gpu/cpu

So absolutely the loudest noisemakers are HDDs. 
This prototype is for them. There's 80mm fan at 3V inside yellow foam, which blows upwards and keeps hdd's temps under 40C.

first results are quite positive! 3mm "hardboard" can silence very well. Even cardboard was sufficient.
I finally have only ...

Title: experimental laser
Created: 26.03.2011 17:10
Experimental Full case made from scratch. Full steel. Bitumen inside.

I realized that bitumen is not the
Painted with black "hammer varnish" which turned out pretty nice. Also painted with clear/dim varnish.

Power Button
Power Button...
Bitumen installed. "4mm RS-bitumi 7,5kg/m2". I used around 6kg 

Overall weight is around 16kg + hardware.
Bitumen installed. &...
Power Button
Power Button...
I added nice extra IKEA handles, which are also really practical. It aint LAN case. Still lacking SuperB finishing ideas.
I added nice extra I...
Dust filter. I dunno is the fabric the best choice. Perhaps little too dense. Surface area is 450cm2, and it covers two 12cm fans (2x100cm2)
Dust filter. I dunno...
Setup inside.

PSU is screwed to "backpanel". Though backpanel or MOB's backpanel are not yet attached anywhere.

Because backpanel is only fully open side, it is _bit_ more tricky to assembly components inside.
"Fortunately" I dont replace my components every week or month.

Also bitumen and acoustic foam/fabric will be installed inside.

All the hot air is coming from that upper gap. I wonder does it need any mesh or something...
Setup inside....
Setup inside.

Because backpanel is only fully open side, it is _bit_ more tricky to assembly components inside.
"Fortunately" I dont replace my components every week or month.

Also bitumen and acoustic foam/fabric will be installed inside.
Setup inside....
Two HDD bolted together with 3mm thick alu sheet. Also "legs" attached. I figured that legs because nothing else came mind. 
Vibration covers still missing
Two HDD bolted toget...
I glued 4mm steel braces with epox. Also airtight seams are glued with epox. Also MOB slides are glued.

I would weld them but had no time.
I glued 4mm steel br...
Bottom frame, 4mm steel. Wooden legs are 38mm tall. Dust filters are coming to that 38mm wide gap.
Bottom frame, 4mm st...
Back panel from old "functional (not) case" 

Left hole is for 120mm PSU and the right one is for 120mm chassis fan
Back panel from old ...
I got like 1-2h to make this body ready. Got too hurry. 
Size is 345mm x 350mm x 310 + 40mm (Width, Depth, Height)
I got like 1-2h to m...
Ruukki laser. 2mm thick steel
Ruukki laser. 2mm th...

Title: LED
Created: 01.03.2011 18:04
10W high power led
This is evolution version. 10W LED, digital voltage meter and USB+5VDC plug. 

Electronics are stuffed too small space.  This thing goes to category: "Do first and plan later and add little more stufff inside"

I dont recommend those 18650 cells. They'r fine but better ones are available. I measured ~1850mAh real capacity with 0,75A current.
This is evolution ve...
ALL improvements are welcome!
ALL improvements are...
Bathroom. Only light source is led. Lamp should burn at least 1h. Or even 3h
Bathroom. Only light...
Frame is 3mm thick steel. TIG welded. black paint + varnish.

Rubber band is only temporary fix
Frame is 3mm thick s...
4x Li-ion 3,7V 2,5Ah batteries 

max voltage: 16,8V / 1,5...2Ah

sku 5876

sku 19624

DX has finally commercial alternative in many shapes:
sku 103855
4x Li-ion 3,7V 2,5Ah...
Constant current Driver. 1A 

All thanks to "Jounika" @murobbs
Constant current Dri...

Title: Total trash
Created: 07.02.2009 00:52
pc-case for my personal computer, made from old case..
There is fan's place. It blows to left.
There is fan's place...
there you can see air intake gaps..
there you can see ai...
Case needs one "blow sheet" for the HDD, and sidepanel of course.

Also the fan is missing, it's place is left-top corner, and it blows back out
Case needs one "...
case needs just sidepanels.. 
specs for fools:
p5k se
QX9800  @ 3gHz
case needs just side...
frontpanel, top, bottom, and floors made from plywood. Top floor is for exhaust and bottom floor is for coldair. You are not going to get the whole image yet but you will see
frontpanel, top, bot...
panel for power
panel for power...
old case cut
old case cut...
old old case from back 60's or something
old old case from ba...

Title: RA: DS1200
Created: 08.01.2009 14:19

DS1200, 12''
DS1200, 12''...
painted case for amplifier - 

someone will ask anyway.. so yes there are 370W
painted case for amp...
different anglee #2
different anglee #2...
different angle
different angle...
Rythmik Audio DS1200, 12'' sealed steel enclosure
Rythmik Audio DS1200...

Title: clock
Created: 24.07.2008 21:28
small desk clock.
pretty ready clock.

looks great from longer view, 

but there are few "not-so-good-looking" -spots
pretty ready clock....
stainless steel stand. stand is coming in front of plexi and leds are behind the stand, under the plexi
stainless steel stan...
stuff for clock. i will put the clock to under (stainless)steel case and plexi is clock face.
i need to engrave(TM:) the numbers and light them with (green?) leds.

should i engrave by free hand or what?
stuff for clock. i w...

Title: tv-table
Created: 07.05.2008 16:48

in use
in use

exposure distorts the real color.
almost ready tv-table needs only paint. im going to use Osmocolor: Eben wax, which is pretty much black
almost ready tv-tabl...
skech for my tv table
skech for my tv tabl...
more pics will come in future
more pics will come ...

Title: aw-6i speakers
Created: 09.03.2008 20:52
homemade speakers. elements bought from hifitalo. (aka chorus compact 662)
diy banana plugs bought from hongKong<3

..and i regret.. plugs sux!
diy banana plugs bou...
ready front panels
ready front panels...
ready panels
ready panels...
i glued rivals with epox
i glued rivals with ...
front panels for my speakers. dont worry, im going to paint these with black spray
front panels for my ...
diy aw-6i. first speaker is my brother's and its not ready yet
diy aw-6i. first spe...

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Nothing really modded yet. But price was farely cheap and shipping super fast. Backcover is only a bit flimsy, matte and fingerprint-proof. Dunno about battery yet, but it says 3500mAh. Jihuu! extra 500mAh.. or not.

Battery lasted 92h with ~3h display on. Neat

e: 22.12.2013

This battery is full of crap, i dont recommend it. its pretty much useless right now.

Original stand was very/VERY wobbly "stick type". (Goog./img.)

New stand is bolt only and no welds. More sturdier and smaller.

The desinger is real cocksucker anyway. That back profile is twisted, which makes adapting hard. There is VESA 100 holes but surface is very twisted. argh..
flame cutted FinChick, 10mm steel
flame cutted FinChic...
lapped E2160 (I also lapped boxed cooler but still the great  effect is missing! :()

pencilmod on mobo, it works somehow
lapped E2160 (I also...